IT And Telecommunication

Technology park – wired for success!

A wealth of services are currently available and being used by both small organisations with modest requirements through to organisations that have high bandwidth demand. Located six kilometres from the Central Business District, adjacent to Curtin University, Technology Park’s 42-hectare area boasts a comprehensive depth and breadth of telecommunications capability and capacity.

For smaller organisations, traditional voice and data services are available using PSTN based services. The availability of ADSL in the Park, which can be provided by a number of service providers, means that small companies can easily connect up to 1.5Mbps within a matter of days.

Alternative wireless based services such as EfTel’s RadioWAN is growing in popularity and a number of tenants have subscribed to this type of service with typical bandwidth between 64Kbps and 256Kbps. EfTel has recently established a Micro-cell in Technology Park to service this growing demand. Satellite based services are also available from Telstra, Optus and AAPT.

For high-level usage, which include services from 512Kbps upwards and predominantly carried over fibre-optic cables or provisioned through wireless services, tenants have a variety of choice including ISDN, Frame Relay, ATM, Wireless and GigaBit Ethernet. Amcom.

Telecommunications has undertaken a significant investment in providing fibre-optic based services throughout the Park and offer services that typically range from 2Mbps through to 622Mbps. Amcom recently relocated its point-of-presence (POP) to the Business Centre, located adjacent to the Technology Park Function Centre to service growing demand.

Broadband / Internet services

As with many locations in Australia, the provision of “Local Loop” services are still dominated by Telstra, though de-regulation in the telecommunications industry has stimulated competitive pricing from other leading carriers via access to Telstra tails: this in turn is giving rise to competitively priced “Broadband” services.

Curtin University operates its own private fibre-optic infrastructure, which is used to connect its various business units that are located throughout the Park.

The combined availability of terrestrial, wireless and satellite services creates a highly competitive environment for obtaining a range of Internet Services.

Technology Park has access to a large number of Internet Service Providers that offer services from basic e-mail and browsing through to the provision of services capable of supporting other Internet Service Providers. A number of businesses use high-speed Internet links to connect to distribution channels overseas including the USA.


While large scale use of PABX systems are not evident at this time, the availability of telecommunications infrastructure is well suited to support Call Centre style services.

Another location management decision-making criteria these days is provisioning for business continuity in the event of disaster and the Park’s proximity to the city and location amidst multiple telephone exchanges positions it well for redundancy and access to emerging technologies.

Most of the Carriers that currently provide services to the Park have provision for redundancy and their networks are fully managed. The majority offer help desk services and a range of other value-added services.

A wide selection of mobile phone services is available through most Carriers due to the Park’s proximity to the Central Business District.

The most active Carriers in the Park are Amcom, DSLNet, and Telstra, though the AAPT and Optus can also offer a range of services, by accessing wholesale service arrangements.